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Svensk Egenvård

More people live healthier and longer with the appropriate self care. This does not just benefit the individual but society as well by saving on resources. Svensk Egenvård (Swedish self-care) organizes 75 percent of the suppliers of plant based pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, weight loss products, sports nutrition and parnuts on the Swedish market.

Our mission

Svensk Egenvård works for a serious development within the health industry. Our goal is to supply knowledge about self care to consumers, representatives from mass media as well as decision-makers. Our task is also to give our member companies support and information on joint issues.

Safe and natural products

A shared goal for the membership of the association Svensk Egenvård is to offer natural products for people who take responsibility for their own well-being. Svensk Egenvård has assigned an external consultant to perform the industry’s own examination of product quality.
This involves spot checks to make sure that the content of the products is what is stated and that no unwanted substances are included. Information on labels and accompanying folders are also scrutinized.
The advertisements are examined as well as the products themselves. In 2001 Svensk Egenvård started the council for market supervision whose purpose is to keep an eye on the companies in the health industry and make sure that they follow the given guidelines. On this point the association has a close cooperation with the Swedish consumer agency and the medical products agency.

Activities and board

Svensk Egenvård's activities are led by its board, whose chairman is Ingrid Atteryd. An important part of the association’s work takes place in working groups with experts appointed by the members of the association.

Referral institution and service In February of 2008 Svensk Egenvård had 73 member companies who between them had a total of 3085* registered products being sold in over 500 health shops, 900 pharmacies, everyday commodity stores and on the Internet.
Svensk Egenvård represents its members in common issues and therefore has continuous contact with the authorities, organizations and decision-makers that are important for the business. Svensk Egenvård has official status as referral institution towards authorities and politicians.

Advantages of becoming a member

The associations overall purpose is to work for a sound development in the business. This is done by:

* Spreading the knowledge about the importance of self care for the individual as well as for society.
* Strengthening the business credibility.
* Looking after members’ interests, for example when it comes to legislation.
* Working for free and open competition.
* Having an active dialogue with politicians.
* Influencing development by participating in international organizations.
* Offering an active network.
* Keeping the membership up to date with current business statistics.
* Supporting individual member companies in handling the press, regulatory questions and other scientific counselling.
* Spreading current news that concerns the business via the newsletter Fokus.
* Supplying a variety of business specific seminars.

The association Svensk Egenvård:

Chairman: Ingrid Atteryd

CEO: Mats Nilsson, Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar, du måste ha Javascript aktiverat för att visa den


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